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Port Forwarding

  • All sea ports in St. Petersburg area
  • Comprehensive supply of services
  • Port office is open 7 days a week

port_forwardingThe number of services provided by the port forwarding can count dozens depending on the type of cargo to be handled and on the needs of customers. The basic port forwarding service includes the following obtaining ocean and feeder B’s/L at sea and ocean lines offices obtaining container owning line’s release for shipment cargo out of the port shipping documents issue based on the customer’s instructions fulfillment of customs formalities for cargo release from the port control over empty containers return trucks booking and arrangement of their admission to the port and arrangement of cargo transportation from the port.

We have a dedicated port office located near First Container Terminal (FCT) which allows our employees to carry out port forwarding services and complete all necessary operations very promptly. Our port office operates seven days a week. Depending on the type of cargo, additional services can be provided within the port forwarding arrangement of loading and unloading operations and cargo terminal handling;obtaining radiology reports for cargo transportation out of the port;obtaining various approvals of Russia Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service and obtaining identification examination report at export control authorities.

We provide port forwarding services at all container terminals in Saint-Petersburg and in the Leningrad region: “FCT”, “Petrolesport”, “Container terminal Saint-Petersburg”, “Northern Shipyard terminal”, “Neva-Metal terminal”, “Moby Dik” (Kronshtadt) and “Ust-Luga”. Also, our company has years’ experience in handling shipload cargos, export of sawn timberand import of metal products.