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  • Risk management in order to avoid surprises
  • Cargo insurance to protect against losses

aftl_imgRisk management is an important part of international trade, and business partners must manage risks. In the area of logistics, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has developed the Incoterms rules. These terms are internationally recognized and widely used in international trade. The latest version was published in 2010. We recommend all of our customers to incorporate the Incoterms into their sales contracts to avoid surprises when conducting business.

International transportation rules define the limitation of liabilities in international transport. The transporters’ responsibilities for the cargo are limited and may not cover damages in full. It is therefore essential that the customer uses the Incoterms rules to remove any uncertainty about who is legally responsible for loss or damage during transportation. Although we as forwarding agents have complete liability insurance cover from reliable insurance companies, our liability insurance does not necessarily protect our customer against all eventualities. It is therefore in the customer’s interest to be fully protected by cargo insurance against all risks at all stages of the transportation process.

We will insure customer’s risks upon written request from the customer.