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Domestic Transportation

  • Road transportation as back bone
  • Wagons for large shipments

Domestic-transportation-e1383750020859Trucks provide the backbone of the national transportation service, especially over short distances (< 1000 km). We provide several transport services in Russia and the CIS-countries for various types of cargo. We focus on container transportation with all types of container, as well as transportation by curtain side-, box- and flatbed trailers.

Our operational departments control and steer transportation events to ensure that everything that has been planned is realized. We manage and control an average of 50 transportation events per day. In a country of long distances, wagons offer an ideal means of transportation. Block trains are another good way of delivering large shipments. Containers are a group that often uses block train services. We use this service as pre-transportation for forestry products intended for ocean container shipments when the customer requires a one-stop-shopping service.