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About Us

InterTransPort was founded 2003. Our role is to minimize distance between production and consumption that raw materials and products are available timely, quantitatively and qualitatively in a right place. Since first days of the company start, we have served international companies to ease their export to Russia and CIS-countries. The collaboration with these companies has endorsed us to build our brand, grow our people to work in international business environment and developed business culture to meet our customers’ needs.

Logistics services are important pillars of businesses. Services are needed of transporting raw materials from sources to manufacturing and products to customers and consumers. In addition of transportation, warehousing and information management with planning are important elements of logistics services. We build our business with network oriented companies. Our aspiration is to develop and maintain our partner network to response market changes flexibly.

We are located in the city of St. Petersburg, a cultural capital in Russia founded in 1703. Our city is also remarkable economic center in the country. Ports around St. Petersburg are important gateways for trade and industry in hinterland Russia and CIS-countries. Our location is ideal also running export and import transportation through Finnish and Estonian ports.